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  • Complete wash and decontamination of entire painted and/or plastic surfaces removing all oil and debris


  • Complete Claybar on vehicle paint and windshield removing anything stuck deep in your paint such as: Tree sap, brake dust, Industrial fall out, over spray & more


  • Buffer applied Panit Polish on all painted surfaces removing minor swirls & scratches with much higher level of gloss & clarity


  • Application of highest-grade System X Max Ceramic Coating on all painted & plastic surfaces. Longevity ranging from 5-7 years leaving your vehicle glossy, slick, UV protected & easier to maintain.

1 Step Paint correction & Ceramic Coating

2 Step Paint correction & Ceramic Coating

  • Includes Everything from the 1 step paint correction.


  • Buffer applied multi-step cutting compound removing the majority to all swirls, scratches, oxidation, fading paint etching. Restoring depth and paint defects.


  • Buffer applied paint polish finish pass to remove remaining cutting compound marks. Leaving a high gloss mirror like finish.

Starting Prices

Starting Prices

Small Vehicle: $500-$650
Large Vehicle: $600-$750

Small Vehicle: $750-$900
Large Vehicle: $850-$1100

Note : For the highest possible quality I require a paint correction before any ceramic coating applications & for vehicles to be dropped off. (I do NOT offer Mobile Paint Corrections/ Ceramic Coatings)

For exact estimate or any other questions please call, Text or emailt

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